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Designed to generate Shop Details (Flat patterns) for CNC fabrication from the Installation / Assembly Drawings already drawn by the User. User can generate Shop details for any / all parts shown on the Assembly drawing he has drawn. Program have the ability to read all the related manual drawing to make these details as per the guidelines provided. In this product program reads the Assembly drawing as an Input, List all the parts in the interface provided based on Part Tags shown for each part. User can select any part / All the Parts in the List using controls provided on the interface & then click on given Button to generate the desired output i.e. Shop Details as per required format. Shop details contains developed (bends in open state) detail of the part
Developed to Generate Single Line Diagram for the whole project consisting of any No’s of HV/MV panels. This can be more useful for consulting companies who need to work on the requirement of whole project. In this product, User need to provide all the information related to each feeder on each panel in the interface provided & once all the inputs are filled, program can generate Single Line drawing on the full size drawing sheet i.e. A0/A1/A2 as required. Similar to all of our other products, No knowledge of CAD is required for execution of this software. Bill of Material also can be generated in required format either in CAD or Excel. whole process including keying inputs & generating outputs can takes less than a hour.
A fully customized Program that checks Engineering Drawings/ documents as per the given guidelines & inputs available for the specific task. This is a Unique & very innovative product; we actually developed for in-house use only i.e. for checking the drawing we prepare for our customers. After experiencing its usefulness, effectiveness & its contribution towards maintaining the Quality part in our work we decided to make it open for our Customers / End Users. Program reads all the Inputs (either .dwg format itself, Office document or Inputs provided in designed Interface) & on click of a Button, it Checks the all the Output/s. It List all the errors found in the drawings / documents & marked them with clouds. If further helps User to correct these errors with the help of in-built Macros.
Monitor / Records / Controls all the activities of the CAD user. Keep Record of the Time spend on the Drawing active on the screen & compare it with the allotted hours for the task. If exceeds, warn user about the same. Also checks Delivery date against current date & show message, if exceeds.   It also Helps User in the task he is handling with in-built provided Macros. Further to that, it has the capability of checking the current drawing against the available Inputs. It also shows/ List errors in the current drawing & helps user to correct them with additional Macros provided in the same interface. Program resizes it’s interface design to adjust these variable controls required for each drawing format & the task in hand. Actually it also contains some part of our other Product i.e. Insta_CHECK.
Designed and developed for Auto-generating Engineering Drawings required for Fabrication of various types of Heat Exchangers.

It is Designed & developed such that any Junior engineer having very little knowledge of the product & No knowledge of Cad application shall be able to generate all the engineering Drawings/ Documents generally required for manufacturing & supply of Heat Exchangers. It covers all the types of Heat Exchanger & further it draws all the required Engineering drawings on click of a Button. Drawing Quality is unmatched & drawings can be generated within minutes. User can try various alternatives on click of a Button & finalized on desired one considering Viability of Design, Economically better design etc.
Actually most of the Products you are seeing here are Conceptualized, Designed & Developed by InstaCAD. But there can be many more products which can be designed / developed to suit your own requirement. Further none of the product mentioned here can be offered directly to anyone since they are designed & developed for that specific client, however it can be modified further to suit your own requirement as per the standard guidelines you normally follow for this kind of requirement. So Please let us know your requirement or simply ask us to visit your workplace to suggest you how we can help you Automating Engineering Activities for you. It will not only save your precious engineering time but will also save related cost & further will help you to maintain the Quality you need to deliver within specified time.
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