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Designed and developed for drafting of P & ID as per the guidelines & standard rules provided. This product can be useful for small / medium size companies who are using software's like AutoCAD for Design & Drafting. Program contains following tools specifically designed for PFD’s and P & ID…

  • Tools for Design & Drafting P & ID : Program helps Designers & Engineers for Auto-drafting of P & ID. It can be drawn within ¼th of time actually needed if drawn manually by any Expert. No knowledge of AutoCAD is required to use this tool.
  • Tool for Auto-Checking P & ID as per the standard rules / guidelines & process requirements.
  • Tool for generating Data extraction report in excel from current / All P & ID. User can further select any entry / object in excel report & click on Button provided to locate the selected Entity in the respective P & ID. Program open respective dwg & zooms on the specified entity. Data collected & shown can be highlighted with Red color, if found Erratic / Mismatches with the standard rules/ guidelines.
  • Auto-Tracking Connections from P & ID’s as per User’s requirement. Program reads all the Equipment’s along with its Incoming / Outgoing / Misc. connections. On selection of desired connection on interface, it further shows all the fittings, Instrumentations, sub-connections etc. on that selected connection.
Program Generated Drawings