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Designed and developed for One, Two and Four Pass Trays (for all variations incl. sieve, different type of fixed & movable valves, bubble caps etc.). Software checks all the required parts for actual stress and deflection against allowable values & generates mechanical design report.

  If Mechanical Design is Okay for the designed Geometry & given thicknesses, it further calculates pitch / step required to achieve given hole/ valve count and generate plan view on its own. Once User approves this after seeing program generated preview of the same, program generates all the required engineering drawings including plan view with horizontal & Vertical section, elevation section, down comer front view, seal pan, false down comer, weld-in tray supports, vessel sketch, and part list on click of button.

  On final approval of installation drawings, user can further auto-generate shop (CNC) details for all the listed parts. Job productivity versus manual 2D and 3D drafting systems is increased 10+ fold.
Program Generated Drawings